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Salt therapy sessions may have up to 6 people per session in the same room. Private sessions available for an additional $25 per month and/or weekdays before 3:00 PM.

How The Salt Room Coral Springs Can Help Your Coughing

Coughing natural remedies with salt The Salt Room Coral Springs

Does a cough keep you up at night?

Persistent coughs can be irritating and disrupt your quality of life. Coughing can disrupt everything from how much you enjoy your day when you are awake to how you rest when you are asleep. However, your cough does not have to control your life. Here at the Salt Room, you are not alone.

We know that many people feel this from the center of the torso in the lungs, to the sensitive spots at the back of the throat. Coughing is a systemic ache that travels through your whole body. A detrimental cough does not go away on its own.

Our peaceful, therapeutic salt rooms provide the health-minded environment you need to help your body recover from different ailments including coughing. With a series of treatments at your own pace, your cough can become a condition of the past!

A unique combination of the best technology from science and high quality salt from nature allows us here at The Salt Room Coral Springs to provide you with soothing relief in a unique, safe way.

In fact, happy customers rave that our environment feels more like a spa than a high-tech treatment room. If you are suffering silently with a cough, let us help. We look forward to bringing you closer to a peaceful night of sleep, and better quality of life.

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